The DOTs

The gift of life is a wonderful blessing. There are, however, many people who are unable to conceive, or have difficulty conceiving. A very close friend of mine went through this situation not long ago. Our close-knit circle was very concerned about how she was doing emotionally. Naturally, we wanted to lend our support but without upsetting her. I thought…

I wish there was some kind of symbol to indicate to us her progress without us having to bring it up, just in case she isn’t ready to talk about it.

In that instant totDOT was born! She needed totDOT (and so did we!). totDot is an accessory company devoted solely to the expression of family planning. Single? Engaged? Married? Trying to have kids? Pregnant? Not planning on having Children? Done having kids? totDOT is for everyone!

The original family planning indicator is appropriate in numerous situations. It prevents inquiries from inquisitive relatives, avoids awkward situations and even shares the joy of your good news!